Quite the find at an Enmax substation

Calgary, AB, Canada / News Talk 770 (CHQR)
Quite the find at an Enmax substation

A fascinating find at a downtown Enmax substation, dating back decades.
Old metal tools including a pickaxe head and rail spikes as well as a brick and a variety of other items were found in a small square right in the middle of the Enmax substation.
The exact age isn’t known, but could go as far back as to when construction of the rail track began in 1882.
Enmax spokesperson Doris Kaufmann Woodcock says the find was made last week while crews were continuing the work on an expansion project.
They knew right away that this find was different, and shutdown the construction for a short time.
Everything is essentially back to normal and Kaufmann Woodcock says so far, no need to expand the dig for more items.
Bison Historical Services Limited will do the research on the items to determine how old they are and the historical significance.

Enmax Old Dig

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