Calgary Police investigate hate crime after gay man badly beaten

Calgary, AB, Canada / News Talk 770 (CHQR)

Calgary Police say they’re using all their resources to catch the person who assaulted a man because he’s gay.
Early Sunday, Greg Johansen offered to help a man find a taxi from the Beltline to Westhills.
Before parting, the man asked Johansen if he was gay.
He said yes and, a few minutes later, was attacked from behind and left bruised and bloodied and was rushed to hospital.
Doctors say he has no lasting injuries, but Johansen says he can’t look for work in his current condition.
He adds that he is confident police will be able to catch his attacker, but worries it may become more difficult to do that as each day passes. Calgary Police say they’re looking for witnesses and are also viewing surveillance video in the area.

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